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Test System for EMV Terminals

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Test System for EMV Terminals

Test System for EMV Terminals The ICCSimTMat test system includes a suite of EMV software test tools, a read/write card peripheral and test card to perform compliance testing of contact and contactless terminal applications for all the major payment schemes. The software, installed on a PC, works in conjunction with a USB read/write card interface that writes the tests to be executed onto a test card. The test card is then inserted into the terminal to be tested. Once the EMV test transaction is complete, a log file is recorded to the test card, which is then returned to the card reader where the log files are retrieved from the test card and analyzed by the software.

Test tools feature an intuitive user interface and rapid execution of test campaigns. Test list can be created manually or standard ICS categories may be selected. The ICCSimTMat is also able to import test lists from text files and TIP extraction templates for MasterCard where the resulting logs are formatted for MasterCard verification. Test logs are detailed, comprehensive and automatically verified against the corresponding executed test plan. New EMV test plans from testing authorities are automatically updated via the web to ensure the latest test procedures are always being deployed.

Test System for EMV Terminals Tools are configured to execute test scripts for all formal payment association certifications and EMVCo L2 type approvals. The system enables EMV testing during the development phase as well as internal quality assurance testing too. ICCSimTMat is a fully qualified and approved alternative to the Visa ADVT and ETEC (MasterCard M-TIP, NIV and PayPass) card packs.

System Requirements

Windows® 7, Vista SP1 +, XP SP2 +, Pentium III processor or higher, 1 GB Memory (min.), 100 MB Free Disk Space, Net framework v2.0 or v3.5 SP1. Microsoft Office® 2003+ required for import and export of some reports.


Test System for EMV Terminals

Suite of EMV Software Test Tools Include:

  • American Express: AEIPS
  • Discover: D-PAS
  • EMV level 2: ICCSimDev (Developer Utility); ICCSolHost (Host Simulator); ICCSimSC (Smart Connector)
  • Entry Point (Book A & B)
  • INTERAC: Device; Canadian Acquirer; Contactless; Flash (CTIC)
  • MasterCard: M-TIP for MasterCard (M-TIP Subset, Field InterOp Functional & Confidence); TIP for MasterCard (Subset 1, Field InterOp Functional & Confidence); NIV for MasterCard (Subset 3); NIV for MasterCard (Subset 5); PayPass for MasterCard (Subset 6 & 8)
  • Visa: ADVT; Visa ADVT qVSDC Device Module; Visa AP Contactless Visa Contactless (qVSDC and MSD)

ICC Solutions is Q-Card’s partner of choice for EMV terminal test tools.