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Micropross NFC Forum Analog & Digital Test Suites

Micropross is a proud member of the NFC Forum, and actively contributes to the definition of the test methods, which will ensure interoperability of NFC devices. On both analog/RF and digital sides, Micropross supplies comprehensive implementation of the test methods defined inside the test specifications defined by the NFC Forum.

The MP300 TCL2 once again proves its motto of universal tester for objects operating at 13.56MHz, with its full coverage of the test specifications edited by the NFC Forum. Yes, this tester is the cornerstone of our NFC Forum test solution.

On the digital side, our partner, Clear2Pay, used its expertise in the field of contactless payment to design their NFC Forum digital test tool. Their coverage is complete, as they are able to test all three operating modes (reader/writer, card, and peer to peer) with their tool. All data rates are also supported by this tool : 106 (type A modulation), 212 and 424 (FeliCaTM modulation).

This tool has the ability to generate test reports, containing all necessary information to understand what has happened during the test session.

It goes without saying that our implementation of the NFC Forum RF test cases is 100% complete.

Together with our partnet Integri, our test tools are the right combination for the certification of NFC devices according to the specifications edited by the NFC Forum.

Solution assets:

  • solution edited by a NFC Forum member
  • completely automatised test process
  • automatic generation of test reports
  • high quality implementation of the test specification
  • based on Micropross hardware
  • open for customisation of the pre-defined test cases

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