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Micropross NFC ISO Analog & Digital Test Suites

The NFC revolution is on, and Micropross is once again providing the worldwide reference in terms of NFC testing solution. Based on the MP300 TCL2, our test solution allows the user to check the compliance of their NFC device (handset, NFC tag) with the recommendations of the ISO 18092 specification (NFC-IP1) and ISO 21481 (NFC-IP2).

The ISO 18092 (ECMA 340) specification describes the behaviour of a NFC device, in all of its operating modes:

  • active target
  • active initiator
  • passive target
  • passive initiator

To check that a NFC device is compliant with the ISO 18092, two documents have been defined:

  • the ISO 22536 (ECMA 356) for analog/RF compliance checking
  • the ISO 23917 (ECMA 362) for digital compliance checking

To simplify the task of performing this compliance checking process, Micropross has developped, based on the MP300 TCL2 and the MPManager Test Platform sets of test cases covering entirely those two test specifications.

Here are some of the test cases present inside the Micropross ISO 22536 test suite:

  • target RF level detection
  • target passive communication mode, at 106, 212 and 424 kbps
  • target active communication mode, at 106, 212 and 424 kbps
  • initiator load modulation reception

Micropross implementation is total, and checks all four operating modes.

On the digital side, our implementation of the ISO 23917 test cases is also total, including:

  • collision avoidance testing
  • generation of erroneous DEP_REQ, ATR_REQ, DSL_REQ, RLS_REQ
  • checking the format of received frames

The ISO 22536 (analog) test suite uses an oscilloscope, and a RF amplifier. All of those items, plus the MP300 TCL2 are controlled by the MPManager Test Platform. This means, human intervention is very limited. This is the key for your productivity and better quality of test results.

For users looking to go beyond the recommandations of the test specifications, the development mode of MPManager Test Platform will enable you to create your own test cases, or modify the ones supplied by Micropross.

Solution assets:

  • completely automated test process
  • automatic generation of test reports
  • high quality implementation of the test specification
  • based on Micropross hardware
  • open for customisation of the pre-defined test cases

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