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ISO Certified* RM-7811 Calibration Cards for Magnetic Stripe Applications (Secondary Reference Cards)

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RM-7811-2 Calibration Card Loco

  • Low Coercivity Calibration Card
  • Q-Card/PTB* Calibrated
  • ISO ID1 size

RM-7811-6 Calibration Card Hico

  • High Coercivity Calibration Card
  • Q-Card/PTB* Calibrated
  • ISO ID1 size

* Q-Card has assumed responsibility for providing secondary reference cards in compliance with both ISO/IEC 7811-2:2006 low coercivity recording techniques and ISO/IEC 7811-6:2006 high coercivity recording techniques.

Q-Card has transferred the technology used to produce the official magnetic stripe reference cards from Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), which has ceased to offer these services.

Reference cards contain a magnetic stripe that produces a known amplitude at saturation. These cards can be used to calibrate magnetic stripe analyzers, which are needed to verify quality during the manufacturing process of cards and tickets that include a magnetic stripe, such as credit cards, hotel key cards and transit tickets.

Independent Card Testing Lab Independent Card Testing Lab

Q-Card Laboratories can perform all of your required testing in our state of the art third party testing lab.

Q-Card Laboratories is an independent, third-party test laboratory to help you achieve total card quality. Q-Card Laboratories has helped hundreds of companies like yours all across the world. We analyze your cards, tickets and equipment, and determine where your issues are occurring and how to fix them. When needed, our experienced staff can travel to your facility for onsite testing, troubleshootinng and consulting.

Benefits of working with Q-Card Laboratories.

  • Solve existing quality issues with your cards, tickets, or transaction processes
  • Work to solve issues with your magnetic stripe, chipcard or physical card attributes
  • Improve existing transaction systems and eliminate problems before they happen
  • Gain insight and experience when designing new cards or equipment

Learn more about our third party laboratory services or or contact us at 570-286-7447 to speak with an expert.