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CQM Testing Services

CQM Testing Services

Q-Card Laboratories, an independent magnetic stripe and smartcard test facility, owns and operates both CQM (Card Quality Management) testing equipment as well as a full range of independent state-of-the-art physical, magnetic stripe or chip card testing solutions, making us uniquely qualified to be the leader in CQM testing.

Because we ensure CQM compatibility when it comes to the reliability and usability of smartcard hardware, vendors know that with us, they can accurately qualify their finished cards or card components.

From failure analysis testing to expert consulting, Q-Card is the one to turn to for CQM testing services.

Infrastructure Quality Requirements for the Module Manufacturer – The ICM 60
4.1.1. Toxicity [IS7810]
4.1.2. Resistance to chemicals [IS7810]
4.1.3. Durability
4.1.4. Delamination / Solidity
4.1.5. Ultra-violet light [IS7816-1]
4.1.6. X Rays [IS7816-1]
4.1.7. Surface Profile of contacts [IS7816-1]
4.1.8. Mechanical resistance of contacts [IS7816-1]
4.1.9. Electrical resistance of contacts [IS7816-1]
4.5.1. Resistance to Chemicals [10373-1]
4.5.2. Durability
4.5.3. Delamination
4.5.4. Electrical resistance of contacts [IS7816-1]
4.5.5. Dimensions and relative position of contacts
Infrastructure quality requirements for Card Body Fabrication – The CB. 77
5.1.2. Width and Height [ISO7810]
5.1.3. CB Thickness Outside Contacts, Embossed Areas and Add-On Areas [ISO7810]
5.1.4. Thickness within Add-On Areas
5.1.5. Corners [ISO7810]
5.1.6. CB Edges [ISO7810]
5.1.7. Bending Stiffness [ISO7810]
5.1.8. Durability [ISO7810]
5.1.9. Overall CB Warpage [IOS7810]
5.1.10. Heat Resistance [ISO7810]
5.1.11. Solidity / Peel Strength [ISO7810]
5.1.12. Adhesion or Blocking [ISO7810]
5.1.13. Dynamic Bending Stress [ISO7816-1]
5.1.14. Dynamic Torsional Stress [ISO7816-1]
5.1.15. Resistance to Impact (ANSI NCITS 322 5.7)
5.1.16. Resistance to Corner Impact (ANSI NCITS 322 5.20)
5.1.17. Resistance to Surface abrasion (ANSI NCITS 322 5.9
5.1.18. Toxicity [ISO7810]
5.1.19. Resistance to Chemicals [ISO7810], [ISO7811-2], [ISO7811-6]
5.1.20. Light [ISO7810]
5.1.21. Opacity [ISO7810] – ISO10373
Infrastructure Quality Requirements for the Card Embedder – The non-personalized card. 87
6.1.1. Width and Height [ISO7810]
6.1.2. ICC Thickness Outside Contacts, Embossed Areas and Add-On Areas [ISO7810]
6.1.3. Thickness within Add-On Areas
6.1.4. Bending Stiffness [ISO7810]
6.1.5. Durability
6.1.6. Overall ICC Warpage [ISO7810]
6.1.7. Toxicity [ISO7810]
6.1.8. Resistance to Chemicals [ISO7810], [ISO7811-2], [ISO7811-6]
6.1.9. Relative height of contacts [EMV]
6.1.10. Contact Layout
6.1.11. Mechanical reliability
6.1.12. Solidity / Adhesion of module to card
6.4.1. Relative height of contacts
6.4.2. Dimension and Location of Contacts
6.4.3. Resistance to chemicals [10373-1]
6.4.4. Solidity : Backside Spot Pressure Test
Physical Test Methods for Cards 130
10.3.2. Width and height [IS10373-1]
10.3.3. Card thickness outside Contacts, Embossed Areas and add-on Areas [IS10373-1]
10.3.4. Thickness within Add-On Areas
10.3.5. Corners
10.3.6. Card edges
10.3.7. Bending stiffness [IS10373-1]
10.3.8. Durability
10.3.9. Overall Card warpage [IS10373-1]
10.3.10. Heat resistance
10.3.11. Peel strength [IS10373-1]
10.3.12. Adhesion or blocking [IS10373-1]
10.3.13. Dynamic bending stress [IS10373-1]
10.3.14. Dynamic torsional stress [IS10373-1
10.3.15. Impact resistance
10.3.16. Corner Impact test
10.3.17. Surface abrasion resistance(ANSI NCITS 322 5.9)
10.3.18. Toxicity
10.3.19. Resistance to chemicals [IS10373-1]
10.3.20. Light
10.3.21. Opacity [IS10373-1]
10.3.22. Three Wheels Test
10.3.23. Mechanical Reliability: Wrapping test
Additional MasterCard Requirements for non-personalized Integrated Circuit Cards 165
11.1.2. Location of Magnetic stripe [ISO7811-2], [ISO7811-6]
11.1.3. Magnetic stripe area warpage [ISO7811-2]
11.1.4. Magnetic stripe surface distortions [ISO7811-2]
11.1.5. Magnetic stripe surface roughness [ISO7811-2], [ISO7811-6]
11.1.6. Solidity / Adhesion of stripe to card [ISO7811-2], [ISO7811-6]
11.1.7. Resistance of magnetic stripe to abrasion (ANSI NCITS 322 5.11)
11.1.8. Wear from read/write head [ISO7811-2], [ISO7811-6]
11.1.9. Dynamic Characteristics of a Low Coercivity Magnetic Stripe [ISO7811-2]
11.1.10. Dynamic characteristics of a High Coercivity Magnetic Stripe [ISO7811-6]
11.1.11. Static Characteristics of a low coercivity magnetic stripe [ISO7811-2]
11.1.12. Static Characteristics of a high coercivity magnetic stripe [ISO7811-6]
11.4.2. Location of magnetic stripe
11.4.3. Magnetic stripe area warpage [ISO-10373-2]
11.4.4. Magnetic stripe surface distortions
11.4.5. Magnetic stripe surface roughness [ISO10373]
11.4.6. Adhesion of stripe to Card [ISO10373]
11.4.7. Resistance of Magnetic stripe to abrasion
11.4.8. Wear from read/write head [ISO10373-2]
11.4.9. Dynamic Characteristics of a Magnetic Stripe [ISO10373-2]
11.4.10. Static magnetic characteristics
11.5.1. Printing Specifications
11.5.2. Pantone ? Colours
11.5.3. Metallic Colours
11.5.4. Registration and Positioning
11.5.5. Printing Aspect
11.5.6. Card Aspect
11.5.7. Security Devices
Infrastructure Quality Requirements for Integrated Circuit Card Personalization 207
12.1.1. Embossing
12.1.2. Indent printing
12.1.3. Thermal Transfer
12.1.4. Laser Engraving
12.1.5. Mechanical reliability of the personalized card
12.1.6. Encoding of the magstripe
12.3.1. Durability of tipping
12.3.2. Embossed Character Relief Height Retention (ANSI NCITS 322)
12.3.3. Durability of indent printing, thermal transfer and laser engraving
12.3.4. Mechanical Reliability: Absence of residual stress
12.3.5. Integrity of Character reproduction
Infrastructure Quality Requirements for the Card Laminator – The non-personalized card223
16.1.2. Width and Height [ISO-7810]
16.1.3. PICC Thickness Outside Embossed Areas and add-on Areas [ISO-7810] and surface characteristics
16.1.4. Thickness within Add-On Areas
16.1.5. Corners[ISO-7810]
16.1.6. Card Edges [IS0-7810]
16.1.7. Bending Stiffness [ISO-7810]
16.1.8. Durability
16.1.9. Overall PICC Warpage [ISO-7810]
16.1.10. Heat Resistance [IS0-7810]
16.1.11. Peel Strength [ISO-7810]
16.1.12. Adhesion or Blocking [IS0-7810]
16.1.13. Resistance to Surface abrasion (ANSI NCITS 322 5.9)
16.1.14. Toxicity [IS0-7810]
16.1.15. Resistance to Chemicals [IS0-7810]
16.1.16. Light [IS0-7810]
16.1.17. Opacity [ISO-7810] –[ ISO-10373]
16.1.18. Mechanical Robustness and Reliability
16.1.19. Antenna and Module Design , forbidden zone
16.4.1. Surface irregularities –REF P-31
16.4.2. Surface Stability – REF P-32
16.4.3. Rotary stress –REF P-33
16.4.4. Tensile stress-REF P-34

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