April 18, 2016

Q-Card Company Announces Visa Accredation

As contactless cards and mobile payments continue to grow with the implementation of EMV in the U.S., Q-Card Company is pleased to announce that it is now a Visa Recognized Testing Laboratory for Contactless Card Level 1, Mobile Contactless Level 1 and HCE Level 1.

“This Visa accreditation is a great complement to our portfolio of testing services“, noted Jeff Myers, Director of Sales & Marketing at Q-Card. “Our efforts in the EMV space continue to expand as new products and technologies are introduced and the need for interoperability requires more stringent validation. Our Team is very excited and proud to announce this Visa accreditation.”

Q-Card is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and has received EMVCo Level 1 accreditation for EMV contactless chip cards and mobile payment devices. The Visa accreditation further expands Q-Card’s functional type approval offering to better service card, chip and mobile handset manufacturers.