Mag3x Read-Only Magstripe Analyzer

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Mag3x Read-Only Magstripe Analyzer


Test all sizes and thicknesses of magnetic media with Q-Card’s Mag3x magnetic stripe analyzer. Our Read-Only Model is expressly designed for card manufacturers looking to test pre-encoded cards and tickets at a lower total cost.

Advanced technology in the Mag3x gives users the lowest possible measurement variation available today for testing magnetic stripes. Additionally, a robust design utilizing a low-friction ball bearing slide allows for more accurate transport than analyzers that rely on belts and rollers. The card will not scrape against plastic or metal guides during its motion, which can be a strong source of jitter or other errors.

The Mag3X is the only tester that can be maintained at top performance levels by the end user--no expensive maintenance plans required! It's simply the most accurate and versatile solution on the market.

Features & Benefits

Standard Equipment Provided:

All laboratory-grade testing systems are provided with SpeedPlaten, QuickChange magnetic heads, Windows operating software, USB cable and a user manual. Touchscreens are available upon request.


  • The most accurate and versatile line of magstripe testers in the world
  • The only tester that can be maintained at top performance levels by the end user - no expensive maintenance plans
  • Database ready, with support for database applications
  • Plug and play USB connection to any Windows PC
  • Simple graphical displays show pass or fail for each card
  • Save detailed data on each card for future analysis
  • Extremely fast 1 million samples per second acquisition rate with 16-bit resolution
  • Speed platen and Basic mode for production use
  • Test all sizes and thicknesses of magnetic media, even intact gift cards, raw magnetic tape, cut cards, bank books and all forms of tickets


  • Read-Only Model for testing pre-encoded cards and tickets
  • Read-Write Model for testing both pre-encoded and un-encoded cards and tickets, as well as raw tape and magnetic materials
  • Easy Gage R&R Certification with support for the R&R process
  • Hang Tag Testing - Test Intact, Unbroken Hangtag Sheets
  • Micrometer Adjustment for Reading Non-ISO Track Locations
  • Custom Platens to Allow Testing of Non-Standard Cards

Lowest Cost to Own

  • No machine tear-downs - ever
  • User-replaceable heads
  • No card jamming - ever
  • Easy-to-use reporting
  • Easy-to-learn software
  • Expert mode for laboratory use


Micrometer Option


Quick Change Magnetic Heads


Track Select and Platen Detail

Magnetic Stripe Details

The Mag3x is capable of testing many card layouts, not just single magstripe cards. Below are a few examples:




  • Operating Frequency: 50/60 Hz Rated
  • Voltage (max.): 250 VAC Operating
  • Voltages: 100, 120, 220/240 VAC
  • Communications Port: USB 2.0

Environmental Requirements

  • Operating temperature: 65º to 75ºF (18º to 24ºC)
  • Relative humidity: 40% to 60%

Encoding, Amplitude Analysis, Etc.

  • Perform ISO amplitude test of encoded card (vs UR ) with peak, average and standard deviation measurements, absolute amplitude plot and waveform
  • Perform ISO tables 2, 3, 5, 6 jitter & bit length measurements
  • Display of track data, ABA (BCD), IATA (ASCII) or ISO-8484 (bank savings books) at various densities, forward or reverse direction
  • Graph absolute bit length, bit-to-bit and subinterval jitter
  • Show density, total bits and average jitter for entire track
  • Show number of leading and trailing zeros
  • Display parity and LRC errors
  • Report/graph bit density variations along stripe
  • Write current is easily selectable over wide range
  • Write binary 1’s or 0’s up to 19.6 frpmm (500 frpi)
  • Use AC or DC erase at various write currents
  • Encode ABA or IATA data on any track
  • Reload data at later time for additional analysis
  • Display raw data for detailed analysis, such as with proprietary or nonstandard formats

Size and Weight

  • Height: 10.5 inches (26.67 cm)
  • Width: 19 inches (48.26 mm)
  • Depth: 15 3/8 inches (39.05 cm)
  • Weight: 52 pounds (23.59 kg)

Output Capabilities

  • View results on available color touch screen display
  • Print all test results in black and white or color
  • Save results to disk in word processor or spreadsheet format
  • Save/reload amplitude/waveform to/from disk
  • Save/reload jitter and density data to/from disk

Other Features

  • Operator authority password control
  • Capable of creating tests for custom card specs

Ordering Details

Part #


Magstripe Analyzer - Read-Only Model
Magstripe Analyzer - Read-Write Model
Q-Start Sentinel Calibration Card - Version 3.0
Q-Card Amplitude Calibration Card
Mag3x: R/O Calibration Certification: Factory Service
Mag3x: R/O Calibration Certification: Do It Yourself Kit