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Opacity Tester

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The Q-Card opacity tester is designed as a go/no-go opacity test for ISO and MasterCard CQM standards. To test a card, the unit utilizes a calibration card to establish the baseline opacity criteria. The card under test will be evaluated against the baseline criteria, if the displayed value is less than or equal to the baseline, the card will pass.

Q-Card’s card opacity tester includes the tester, power supply, calibration/reference cards, calibration certificate and instructions. It is battery powered to allow for convenient portability.

Opacity Reference Card

Includes Opacity Reference cards

Features & Benefits


  • Compact design
  • Switch for 860 or 950 nm testing
  • Power supply
  • Calibration card


  • Easy end user calibration
  • Ensures cards meet ISO standards


The card opacity tester is designed to perform this test according to the following standards:

ISO 10373-1 Opacity
ISO 7810 Opacity

MasterCard CQM


  • Weight: 1 lb



Ordering Details

Part #


 905703-2 Opacity Tester
 905703-CAL Equipment Calibration
 W82-SK-846 Black Opaque Reference Card (BORC)
 W82-ORC-01 Opacity Reference Material Card (ORM-7810)