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ISO Certified* RM-7811 Calibration Cards

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Magnetic Calibration Cards

For Magnetic Stripe Applications (Secondary Reference Cards)

Q-Card magnetic calibration cards, also known as secondary reference cards, contain a magnetic stripe that produces a known amplitude at saturation. These cards can be used to calibrate magnetic stripe analyzers, which are needed to verify quality during the manufacturing process of cards and tickets with magnetic stripes, such as credit cards, hotel key cards and transit tickets.

Features & Benefits


  • High coercivity or low coercivity
  • Standard ISO ID-1 size 
  • Q-Card/PTB* calibration


  • Ensures accurate, ISO-qualified magstripe testing
  • Easy to calibrate at your own facility
*Q-Card has transferred the technology used to produce the official magnetic stripe reference cards from Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), which has ceased to offer these services. 


RM-7811-2 Calibration Card Loco

  • Low Coercivity Calibration Card
  • Q-Card/PTB* Calibrated
  • ISO ID1 size

RM-7811-6 Calibration Card Hico

  • High Coercivity Calibration Card
  • Q-Card/PTB* Calibrated
  • ISO ID1 size

When to Use Test Cards

Test cards are valuable for:

  • Calibrate signal amplitude of magnetic stripe test equipment
  • Calibrate the encode current of magnetic stripe test equipment

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RM-7811-2 LoCo Calibration Card
RM-7811-6 HiCo Calibration Card