financial banking
Technology is pushing payments beyond traditional methods. Mobile wallets, wearables, powered cards, and biometrics all offer the benefits of convenience and improved security as well as risk. Implementing these technologies, while protecting consumer data, can be difficult. Q-Card can help develop a plan to test, debug, validate and implement new payment initiatives with confidence.

Public Transportation

Convergence is a common term we hear in public transit today. Convergence of payment schemes such as open and closed loop, account-based, cloud-based/mobile ticketing, EMV, NFC, HCE; and convergence of disparate payment systems such as public transit, bike share, parking, tolls and more. Q-Card can help make it all work, whatever the traveler's payment preference may be and whatever the mode of transportation.

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The need for secure credentials is becoming more widespread. Q-Card has played a significant role in testing ID credentials such as drivers licenses, national IDs, government IDs and more. We can help define and evaluate reasonable, secure solutions based on international industry standards and best practices.


mobile markets
The smartphone has changed the way we work, conduct commerce, socialize and manage our daily lives. It will continue to disrupt entire industries. As the smart device conquers new markets, such as access control, identity, health monitoring and more, you can rely on Q-Card to make sure your devices work when and where they need to by ensuring standards are met for interoperability.