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Q-View for Magnetic Stripes

Q-Card QView Magnetic Developers

Q-View magnetic developer allows you to visually examine magnetic encoding on magstripes with the naked eye and make photomicrographs. It can help you identify alignment problems, see damage, and perform quality inspection on your magnetic stripe cards and card readers.

Our developer is a combination of tiny magnetic particles suspended in a clear solvent liquid carrier. When applied to the card, the particles attract to the magnetically charged parts of the stripe and the liquid evaporates. Q-View comes in three styles to meet your application needs and preference.


Q-View Magnetic Developer allows you to examine magnetic encoding on magstripes and make photomicrographs

Features & Benefits


  • Spray-style aerosol dispenser
  • Dropper-style in laboratory grade glass bottle
  • Squeeze-style in laboratory grade plastic bottle
  • CFC-free


  • Easy application with three method choices
  • Quick drying for rapid results

QCA1001 Spray Style Magnetic Developer

  • Aerosol spray style allows for fast, efficient developing of multiple cards.

  • Q-View spray must ship hazardous due to compressed gas. This impacts express shipments only (air and international). There is a $55 fee assessed for hazardous air shipments. Ground shipments delivered in the U.S. and Canada are not impacted.

  • 2 US fluid ounces.

To order by phone, please call our Sales Department at 570-286-7447.

QCA1006 Dropper Style Magnetic Developer

  • Easy to use dropper style provides precise application of developer.

  • Includes glass dropper, laboratory grade glass bottle and separate cap.

  • 2 US fluid ounces

To order by phone, please call our Sales Department at 570-286-7447.

QCA1038 Squeeze Style Magnetic Developer

  • Squeeze applicator allows for efficient flow and simple application of developer.

  • Includes laboratory grade plastic bottle, squeeze applicator and separate cap.

  • 4 ounce bottle provides best value.

To order by phone, please call our Sales Department at 570-286-7447.

Ordering Details

Part #


QCA1001 Spray-style, 2 US fl. oz.
QCA1006 Dropper-style, 2 US fl. oz.
QCA1038 Squeeze-style, 4 US fl. oz.