NFC & SWP Testing Platforms

Test platforms with emulation and communication analysis capabilities for complete validation of NFC implementations in mobile phones and compatible smart cards, USIM, tags, readers and systems.

KEOLABS provides test platforms and certification solutions for validating contactless and contact aspects of Near Field Communications (NFC) Implementation, which may be used in a wide range of application areas including access control, fare collection for public transit and payment to name a few. Supported testing functionalities on these platforms include:

  • Contactless spy and communication analysis between the phone's contactless front end (CLF) and other NFC enabled objects or systems
  • Contactless signal emulation to test the CLF or other NFC enabled objects of systems
  • Contact spy and communication analysis between USIM and the CLF, or USIM and the phone's application processor
  • Contact signal emulation to test the phone's CLF or the USIM

In addition, certain platforms are designed to be used together to provide coordinated spy and testing capabilities allowing:

  • Concurrent testing of contact and contactless interfaces of the CLF
  • Contactless and contact spy and communication analysis

Platforms allow validation of the range of technologies implicated in today's NFC systems and products including NFC (IP1, IP2), ISO14443, FeliCa (ISO18025), ISO15693 contactless (13.56 Mhz) protocols and SWP (HCI/HDLC) and ISO7816 contact protocols. Platform configuration and control can be done via a dedicated software interface (RGPA - Real Time Protocol Analyzer), or scripting (Python, JScript, ...) that allows users to define and execute sequences of signals in specific, automated scenarios.

This combination of contactless and contact test platforms, provides everything that component manufacturers, handset manufacturers, software developers and other NFC solution implementers require for interoperability testing and certification of NFC objects, systems and solutions.