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Card Bending Stiffness Tester

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Q-Card’s bending stiffness fixture features splayed feet and aggressive no-slip rubber pads for stability. It is manufactured of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with a hard anodized, scratch-resistant, durable finish to provide years of rigorous testing and trouble-free service.

The test fixture includes the card clamping stand; a card stop gauge to provide the precise cantilever dimension; a 0.7 N stainless steel weight; and a movable stainless steel scale for precision accuracy.


Q-Card’s bending stiffness fixture is designed to perform the bending stiffness test according to the following standards:

Mastercard CQM

ISO/IEC 7810
ISO/IEC 7811-1
ISO/IEC 10373-1


  • Weight: 3.25 pounds



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