EMVCo PICC / PCD Conformance Testing Solutions

Conformance verification for PICC and PCD used in contactless payment applications


EMVCo is the global standard for payment cards and readers based on contact and contactless smart card technologies. The EMVCo standard encompasses specifications, test procedures and compliance processes managed by EMVCo, LLC, an organisation jointly owned and operated by American Express, JCB, MasterCard and Visa.

KEOLABS' conformance testing scripts for PICC and PCD covering analog and digital protocol implementation are defined in a proprietary document resulting from an analysis of the differences between the specifications in ISO 14443, ISO/IEC 14443 Implementation Specification v1.1 and EMVCo Contactless Communication Protocol Specification. "Digital" refers to protocol layers described in ISO 14443 Part 3 and Part 4 covering initialization, anti-collision, protocol operations and frame timings.

Conformance Testing Solutions


KEOLABS SCRIPTIS Analog and Digital test suites for EMVCo allow validation of the analog and digital-level implementations in Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards (PICC) and Proximity Coupling Devices (PCD) in accordance with these two standards.

The testing solutions are complemented by complete test bench installations and EMVCo testing accessories, which are developed in strick conformance the the EMVCo testing standards.

The test suites are used in the SCRIPTIS testing environment which, facilitates testing with automation features such as user cues and aids for manual testing or robot integration for fully automated testing. SCRIPTIS provides full visibility of all test results including logs and all traces of communications between the test bench and the tested device. The user controls all the characteristics of the tests such as data exchanged, timing, protocol errors, etc. Testing parameters can also be modified from a configuration file including the power field, global variables such as CID, FSDI, as well as test command definitions.

Test suites are available in developer editions so that users can adapt them to their own in-house testing needs using SCRIPTIS script editing and debugging features.

KEOLABS EMVCo Conformance Testing Solution