ProxiSPY Contactless SPY

Easy-to-Use Spy and Analysis


The ProxiSPY laboratory-class, real-time contactless signal spy and protocol analyzer, provides the performance, protocol support and ease of use that engineers require for interoperability troubleshooting of contactless smart cards, readers and NFC phones.

  • Analog, digital and application levels
  • Probes optimized for reliable, robust capture
  • Integrates with CONTACTLAB
  • Full visibility of contact and contactless NFC interfaces

Ideal for exploring contactless technologies and interoperability troubleshooting.

Probe Technology

KEOLABS’ probe technology is the result of research that optimizes the ease of signal capture while minimizing the impact of capture on the observed systems.

KEOLABS has specially designed probes for capture with standard card formats and nonstandard objects using smaller antenna sizes such as NFC mobile phones, key fobs, USB keys and tags. Thanks to its efficiency, precision and ease-of-use, ProxiSPY is the ideal laboratory-class diagnostic tool for your development, implementation, support and maintenance teams.

Complete, Real-Time Protocol Analysis


The ProxiSPY data logger captures all exchanges up to 848 Kb/s in both directions. The tool is driven by script controls or from the RGPA software environment that is common to KEOLABS’ test platforms and is easily integrated by thirdparties for protocol and application-level tests. The tool offers:

  • Real-time capture and protocol analysis
  • Complete trace from protocol to byte and bit-levels
  • Protocol-level descriptions for all transactions in a headsup-display
  • Search functions and statistics to facilitate navigation
  • Script-based tool control (C, JScript, VBasic) with examples included

Laboratory-Class Controls & Triggering

ProxiSPY is the right complement to laboratory equipment. It features one analog output and two digital outputs for synchronisation and/or signal measurement. Its state-of-theart probes are designed in collaboration with the CEA Leti, a French national institute in electronics, to combine “high sensitivity and transparency.” In addition, ProxiSPY provides precise triggering controls with real-time communication stream analysis.