New Material Verification Testing

Cards have evolved from a convenient payment vehicle to flashy exhibits of the endless possibilities of creating signature styles. With this comes the challenge of translating what was developed in an R&D lab to the production line. Foils, fluorescent inks, metal cards, wood cards, all present challenges in the marketplace.

We're the Experts in New Card Materials

  • Foils
  • Fluorescent inks
  • Metal Cards
  • ESD Testing
  • Physical Testing (life, durability, delamination, bend and torsion, many more)
  • Functional Testing (antennas, rfid, magnetic stripe, many more)

Green/Sustainable Materials

  • BioPVC
  • Biodegradable and Compostable
  • Paper
  • Corn and other PLAs (Polylactide Acids)
  • Recycled content

Compliance Experts

We can help you get compliance to ASTM, CEN, ISO and DIN standards, plus the new ICMA eco label standards.