Custom Card Feature Verification Gauges

Mastercard Logo Position Gauge

If you manufacture an ID-1 style card, Q-Card can supply you with custom verification gauges tailored to your exact card features.

These gauges are used for quality control checks on your production line, and now can be made to match any of your ID-1 cards:

  • gift cards
  • ID and security cards
  • access cards
  • transit cards
  • membership cards
  • any other card manufactured to the ID-1 form factor

The gauges are manufactured out of Lexan, a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate that has an abrasion-resistant coating for scratch resistance and durability. The gauge is precision etched and tinted with a red fluorescent colorant for maximum readability. Card locator pins are stainless steel for added durability and accuracy. Each gauge is serialized for traceability and ISO compliance. The serial number label is on the reverse side and embedded to reduce label degradation.

The gauge includes a foam-lined plastic case for convenient, safe storage and to extend the gauge life by preventing accidental scratching when not in use.


  • Weight: 1.0 pound

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Custom Card Feature Verification Gauge

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