Portable Spy and Tester


Ideal for application level validation of contact and contactless readers and interoperability troubleshooting in the lab or field.

Portable Solution

  • Provides communication spy and signal emulator
  • Portable - powered with battery or USB port
  • Designed for both field and lab testing
  • Spy and analysis for ISO 14443, NFC, FeliCa, ISO 7816 and SWP
  • Emulation of ISO 7816 and ISO 14443
NomadLAB helps ensure reliable NFC and Smart Card technology anywhere with signal capture and protocol analysis for the complete range of contactless and contact technologies in a platform that is portable, autonomous and easy to use.

Portable Spy and Tester

With NomadLAB, contact and contactless signal analysis capabilities that were previously reserved for R&D and certification laboratories, are now available to engineers at all phases of the fielding of smart card and NFC solutions. Whether users are developing hardware and software, or supporting fielded products, NomadLAB provides visibility of communications between cards, readers and NFC systems. This allows users to rapidly identify a variety of interoperability problems.

NomadLAB’s autonomy, price and test features are tailored to integrators and software developers making it the ideal diagnostic tool for companies who need to equip development and support teams.

Signal Analyzer for NFC & Smart Cards


NomadLAB provides signal capture and protocol analysis of technologies widely used in payment and identity solutions, including future NFC phones. This includes support of ISO14443 (A, B types) protocol for 13.56 Mhz contactless smart cards, readers and systems, and NFC (IP1, IP2) protocol for mobile phones and related objects.

NomadLAB also supports ISO7816 and SWP (HCI, HDLC) protocols for testing both contact smart cards, USIM cards and the contactless front end of NFC mobile phones.

Captured signal analysis from NomadLAB is easily shared between field support, design teams and test laboratories. Trace files can be viewed on either NomadLAB, or using RGPA software with NomadLAB or the ProxiSPY laboratory class spy and analyzer. When viewed on a PC, users can take advantage of the full features of the RGPA software interface including precise time measurement, wave form and listing views of capture signals, search functions, statistics, detailed protocol command descriptions and more.

Complete, Autonomous & Easy to Use

NomadLAB operates both as a PC peripheral (USB 2.0) and in a fully autonomous standalone mode for testing in the field.

NomadLAB can be used and configured with KEOLABS' Realtime Generic Protocol Analyzer (RGPA) software and controlled by scripting like KEOLABS laboratory class test platforms. In standalone mode, users benefit from a large color display with tactile user interface to facilitate tool configuration and display of communication traces.

The amount of information in the display is tailored to user needs, to provide the right level of visibility of protocol commands and application data. This allows users to easily understand where problems occur without getting bogged down in the complexities of low-level signal characteristics.