February 26, 2019

Q-Card Company Receives AMEX AEIPS & XPAY Accreditation

Q-Card Company is pleased to announce that its laboratory has achieved AMEX Enabled accreditation* for AEIPS and Expresspay functional certification testing. The scope of accreditation includes functional testing of contact, contactless and dual interface card products as well as performance testing. Q-Card is the first lab in the Americas to attain this accreditation.

“Achieving this American Enabled accreditation is another important milestone in building Q-Card’s portfolio of accredited testing services for the electronic payment and identification markets,” said Jeff Myers, Director of Sales and Marketing for Q-Card. “Now American Express card producers have one lab they can contract with for level 1 contactless, level 2 functional and physical card certification testing, right here in the U.S. This will be a great advantage for card vendors, allowing for an efficient certification process”

The accreditation was effective January 21, 2019 and is valid through May 28, 2021.

Q‐Card, operating in the U.S. since 1999, is a globally recognized laboratory and one of the most trusted names in the payments and ID markets. The company has expertise in chip cards, NFC, mobile, readers and magstripe technologies used in a range of applications including ATM, payments, access control, transit and identity. Q‐Card is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is also an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and EMVCo accredited lab.

Q‐Card’s services include third party card, mobile and ticket testing, card reader testing, product development and onsite consulting for the payments and ID markets. Our laboratory performs card durability, EMV, ISO, ANSI, AMMVA, CQM and FIPS testing. Q-Card also provides test equipment, fixtures and accessories for quality labs and production. For more information, visit https://www.q‐

AMEX Enabled is an accreditation that signifies a product or service is approved for use on the American Express Global Network based on meeting American Express specifications, security and compliance requirements.

The AMEX Enabled Program is a convenient way for companies to get the information they need to develop a product or service that is compatible with the American Express Network. Once a company’s product/service is fully certified with American Express, it is given the AMEX Enabled badge.

AMEX Enabled products are listed on, allowing issuers (financial institutions that provide cards to consumers) and acquirers (financial institutions that enable merchants to accept payments) to confidently select technology that is compatible with the American Express Network.

* AMEX Enabled accreditation identifies third-party products or services that meet American Express requirements. See for more details. Any listing, designation, approval or certification by American Express does not constitute a guarantee, endorsement, or warranty of a third-party’s product, service or performance. Products or services will require certification in order to be allowed for use by an issuer, acquirer or provider on the American Express Global Network.