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Corner Impact Test Fixture

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Tests Corner Impact and Card Bending Resistance


Q-Card’s corner impact test fixture is designed to measure a card’s ability to resist delamination and cracking when subjected to an impact. The fixture is capable of performing two card impact tests, corner and side. There are two separate fixtures that attatch to the stand; one for corner and one for side impact. Its adjustable jaws allow use with various card thicknesses. The test fixture is easy to use and gives repeatable results.

Q-Card’s corner impact fixture features a heavy duty custom CNC design with a small footprint to allow convenient benchtop use.


Card impact testing after a static bend cycle.

Features & Benefits


  • Small footprint
  • Adjustable jaws
  • Heavy duty design


  • Space-saving, benchtop design
  • Easy to use
  • Repeatable results
  • Tests a variety of card thicknesses
  • Ensures cards meet ISO, CQM and ANSI standards


The corner impact test fixture is designed to perform tests according to the following standards:

MasterCard CQM

  • Solidity- Resistance to Corner Impact
  •  Corner Impact Test


  • ANSI NCITS 322 ID-1 Card Static Stress
  • ANSI NCITS 322 Corner Impact Test


  • Weight: 21 pounds



Ordering Details

Part #


 905845-1 Corner Impact Test Fixture