The Q-Card Mag3x Analyzer and Windows 10


Regarding Running the Mag3x with Windows 10:

As you may know, Microsoft has recently discontinued support for Windows 7. Unfortunately, depending upon the age of your equipment, you may not be able to run a newer version of Windows without hardware, software and firmware updates for your Mag3x analyzer from Q-Card.

To check if your Mag3x needs to be upgraded, please complete the form below and click submit. Q-Card Customer Service will get back to you.

  • (usually on a label on the back of the equipment)
Note: For Read-Write and Read-Only Models you can also open your software and go to Help, then "About" to see your software version. If your software version begins with 3.1, your analyzer will have to be upgraded to run Windows 10. For XP models, please complete the form to confirm if an upgrade is required. Upgrades will most likely be needed for Mag3x models built on or before 2010. Upgrade includes new motor, software and firmware updates and factory calibration is required.