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Q-Card Laboratories
Q-Card Laboratories

is a comprehensive resource to help you achieve total card quality. Our expertise includes all forms of smart card, optical bar coding and magstripe technologies. Q-Card's clients can purchase our line of quality test equipment, send equipment, components and materials to be tested in our card testing lab or contract for consulting work. Our experienced card testing lab staff is also available to travel to your location for onsite testing and consulting. Our experts are available to help you solve existing quality issues, improve existing transaction systems and develop entirely new card products.

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EMV and NFC Test Services


  • Training Services
  • Lab Services
  • EMV and NFC Test Equipment
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Magnetic Stripe Card Testing


  • Raw magnetic tape
  • All ISO standards
  • Encoding and media quality
  • Encoding equipment
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ISO 17025 Certified Tests

  • Mechanical
  • Environmental Simulation
  • Electrical
  • a2la
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Optical Bar Code Testing

  • Optical Bar Codes (ISO 15415,15416, 15426)
  • Many symbologies and applications
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Third Party Verification for New Card Materials

  • "Green" and "Sustainable" materials
  • BioPVC
  • Biodegradable and Compostable
  • Paper
  • Corn and other PLAs (Polyactide Acids)
  • Recycled content
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Card Reader and Component Testing


  • Reader Reliability
  • Terminals
  • Magnetic Heads
  • Chips and Antennas
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Smart Card / Chip Card Testing


  • Contact
  • Contactless
  • Terminals
  • RFID
  • ISO 14443 and 7816
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X-ray Failure Analysis Testing for Smart Cards

X-ray testing identifies card failures, manufacture defects, and other anomalies that standard tests can't find.

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Physical Card Testing

  • Impact (ANSI NCTCS 322 5.7)
  • Abrasion (ANSI NCTCS 322)
  • Color, ink and print integrity
  • Much more - contact us for details
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Expert Consulting

Our engineers can provide consulting services to help you improve your quality control, troubleshoot problems, or help development new products and processes. Examples include analysis of card manufacturing problems, new card designs, improved reliabity for readers and terminals, or better magnetic head design.

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CQM Testing Services

Rigorous on-site testing using MasterCard approved equipment. Includes physical, magnetic stripe and chip card tests and solutions.

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Customized Programs to Your Specific Needs

Q-Card Laboratories has helped many companies with their card production, reader or magnetic head designs, or troubleshooting issues with products or processes. Contact us to talk about what our experts can do for you.

Email us at [email protected] or call 570-286-7447.