Module Adhesion, Embossed Character and Peel Tester - Test Stand Features

Q-Card Peel Tester Test Stand

Q-Card Motorized Test Stand

Q-Card's motorized test stand offers advanced force testing features such as digital speed control, timer control, and cycle counter. The stand incorporates an easy to read LCD screen onto the base. Users can control the intuitive program dial to set the mode, speed, test duration time, number of cycles and change other available test settings. With numerous customizable test settings, the test stand can be configured and used for a variety of tests.

Force Control Capable

The motorized stand is also force control capable. Combined with the force gauge, the test stand allows for two force controlled modes and conditional overload prevention. Force control of the stand allows users to program the test stand to move until a certain force value is reached.

Test Stand Specifications

  • Capacity: 110 lbf
  • Stroke: 9.4" (240mm)
  • Power: 115/230 VAC


  • One stand for both compression (push) and tension (pull) tests
  • High performance brushless motor provides extremely smooth and powerful operation over the entire speed range.
  • Manual, Single Cycle, and Continuous Cycle (72 hour max.), Force Control modes
  • Easy-to-use program dial and menu screens control mode, speed, timer and cycles
  • Programmable timer up to 99 59.9 sec in 0.1 sec increments
  • Conditional Overload Prevention with Force Control Cable
  • Force Controlled Operation